Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas with Julia

Were you thinking that I was going to make something delicious out of Julia Child's .. The Art of Mastering French Cooking?  No...but I think I should have put that on my Christmas list.  I am talking about our own Julia in her cute little homemaker apron. 

On Wednesday night, even though we all had tooooo much to do, our bunco girls got together for a progressive evening of fun.  We started at Julia's, where the hostess served us bohemiems and appetizers.  We had a lovely time and got to enjoy her beautifully decorated home.

I think Julia is channeling June Cleaver in this darling picture of her with Katina
(and yes that is Katina's good side)

Here is Peggy busily preparing her hot shrimp dip.
(This is a much needed recipe....simply devine)

A sampling of her lovely home

Julia has a lovely classic home built many years ago when
homes reflected detail and character

Do you see Peggy's cute shoes?

After cocktails and appetizers, we were off to Katina's for what else..... more appetizers

Check out this cute tray studded with this. (it could also go on my Christmas list)

Check back for house #2...
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