Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dinner with the Rush's

Dinner with the Rush’s

Yes, the crazy family that we are scheduled extra activities to add to the typical Christmas Eve/Christmas Day activities. This was one of my favorites. The Rush family had the rest of us over for a delicious meal, that included yummy appetizers, dinner and dessert. We stuffed our faces and laughed all night. Did I mention that the two girls went to bed before dinner and we enjoyed an entire adult evening. We missed them, but I’m sure Kristi enjoyed the adult conversation for a change. With as much noise as we made they each only woke up once, came down to say hi to Nana and Grand-dad and then right back to bed. It was a great evening.

Brother and sister ... Frank and Diana

Sean and his Juliet

We are an eating bunch and love to hang out in the kitchen

Ok, Laurie is right.... the appetizers were delicious

I would like to go on record and say Sean has perfected the
Pomagranate Martini

A quick visit with Joy before serving the dinner

The entire California family was there... and a special appearance from the Oregon Rush's

The gorgeous tablescape to follow ....
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