Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday and the Mystery of the Missing Key

Outdoor Wednesday ...

The Mystery of the Missing Key

Welcome to Outdoor Wednesday hosted by the lovely Susan at
A Southern Daydreamer. Susan hosts this event every
Wednesday. Join in the fun or just check out all of the participants.

This story starts as all stories do.

Once upon a time a group of woman
went to Palm Springs to celebrate a birthday. Since women are sensitive about their age, we won't disclose the birthday girls name. We went to a beautiful private condo with a lovely golf course, tennis courts and swimming pool.

Tennis courts

This is the view from our patio.

So the scene is set. A group of women having appetizers and beverages in the condo,
chatting and laughing. One of us decides we should continue the party
at the pool. The weather is lovely and cool and it is about an hour to sunset. Two ladies
leave first, the others to follow. One of us, and we shall leave her unnamed, decides
we should lock everything and take the key. This sounds logical so we all
go to the pool.

This picture is in honor of Leigh at Tales from Bloggeritaville.

A trip to her blog is always a fun ride.
If we are lucky she will write a poem for us about this ;)

Can you guess where I am?

Here I am.

It was a trick question. I wasn't in the group shot because I was taking the picture.

As we were sitting enjoying the sunset we heard the tinkling of metal on metal. We thought
one of our group had lost their necklace. We were assured she hadn't, but since she is
the curious one of us she searched to see what had made the sound. Unfortunately
she discovered the cause. The condo key, safely stowed in her pocket, had fallen out and slid through a grate into a drainage pipe.

Half of us were panicked the other half headed over to the jacuzzi.
Having the longest arms I was chosen to try and get the key. I
could feel it but couldn't quite grab it. Then the unspeakable happened.
The sprinklers went on. I was drenched. The water came so fast and hard, it
poured into the drainage pipe. The key was no longer in sight.

(Can you believe my "friends" took this picture of me? Shameful)

A chivalrous gentleman came to our aid, but alas it was too late. The
water had washed the key away. Feeling homeless.
We decided to call in a locksmith. Before we did I thought I should try
and break into the condo. So off I went to the condo with a partner in crime.
We checked windows and lo and behold found one unlocked. I removed the screen, opened
the window and my partner in crime entered the condo. We were saved and touted as heroes.

The happy ending of the story was we were able to enjoy our
wonderful Mexican dinner and our lovely birthday cake.

Moral of the story: Have two keys.

Thanks for visiting, now head back to Susan's for more outdoor fun.

Happy Outdoor Wednesday

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