Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday - Lord of the Rings

Welcome to Outdoor Wednesday

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Lord of the Rings ........

Last Thursday, my daughter was expecting an overnight guest. A girlfriend
from high school was going to be in town to visit her husband and herself. So after a frazzled day of working, making cupcakes, doing laundry, and readying the house, she called and asked if she could come over and pick
some flowers to put in the guest room.

This is where I shake my head and ask,

Do you think you are trying to do too much? The answer
is always the same.

A few chuckles later, she shows up and we walk the yard and pick the
flowers she would like for her bouquet. Meanwhile the kids are going crazy
enjoying the yard and Kristi is looking a tad bit stressed. I suggested she
run home, finish the things she needs to finish and I would tend to the kids. I promised to feed them, bathe them and bring them home tired enough to want to go right to bed.

Tall promise don't you think?

This is where our story begins.

Do you remember the story of the one ring, the precious.

Well Riley has 4.

All as precious as the next. Well I take that back, her precious would be the blue one since that is her favorite color.

To Riley's delight, Pop pop walked in as mommy walked out.
Eagerly she grabbed pop pops hand and led him to the pool.
Her precious were at the bottom of the pool and pop pop was
needed to rescue them. So out comes the broom to retrieve the precious.

To a thrilled girl.

He lays the precious neatly at her feet.

And she promptly throws them back in.

And the game starts all over again.
As I sat there
and watched I had to smile. Pop Pop spent the next hour
patiently fishing out the rings over and over again for his

Now I know you have a lot of Outdoor Wednesday's to visit but scroll down
to the next post. I have to give the grand kids equal time ;)
and you will want to hear the end of the story.

But if you don't have time I understand. You can head back

to Susan's for more Outdoor fun.

Outdoor Wednesday - Part II
It's a Jungle Out There.....

As Riley was fishing with Pop Pop, Madison was exploring
the deepest darkest regions of the jungle.

She came across giraffes, and zebras that sang music.

They were fascinating, but that game on the other side of the yard looked interesting.

But alas no, we must get back to the fun of our safari.

The end of the story is, I did my grandmotherly duties. I fed and watered the beasts
and got them safely home to mommy and daddy for bed. And yes
I think we wore them out..... promise fulfilled.

Thanks for visiting, now enjoy your other Outdoor Adventures.
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