Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday - Mary(rose) Mary(rose) quite Contrary

Welcome to Outdoor Wednesday

Today is Outdoor Wednesday hosted by my friend the lovely Susan at

A Southern Daydreamer.

I am very late with this post so I will show a few of my

favorite things that are growing in my garden.

It is hard to have an Outdoor Wednesday event without playing.

Today I have a spin on the old nursery rhyme....

Mary (rose) Mary (rose) quite Contrary

How does your garden grow?

My 2 year old Jacaranda tree in full bloom.

This is actually the first season of a substantial bloom.

What else is growing?

This rose is called the Mary Rose. It is named
for a flagship belonging to Henry VIII that sunk in the Solent.

Mine is a very fragrant and free spirited plant. (maybe a tad bit messy)

My husband says it reminds him of me.
(does that mean I am fragrant or messy?)

My Gardenias, are blooming.
These are planted around the gazebo which is especially fun because they smell so good.

My Hydrangeas are

just beginning to bloom.

By next week they will be exploding.

Someone told me I would never be able to grow hydrandeas here in my neck of the woods, but
after 5 years they keep coming back bigger and fuller.

What else is growing in my garden you may ask?

Well I can't forget
my favorites. I enjoy watching them grow every chance I get.

My granddaughters...


and Riley

Here they are enjoying our local Splash park

There's nothing like squealing,

giggly little girls.

having fun....

Thanks for stopping by, now head on back to Susan's to see what special treats blogland's best have in store for you.
Enjoy your day.....

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