Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"Luck of the Irish" - Tablescape Thursday

Welcome to Tablescape Thursday

hosted by the ever talented

Today my Irish eyes were smiling, when I came
downstairs to see what to do with my table this week for Tablescape Thursday, this is
what I found.

It seems that a little leprechaun has taken up residence in my diningroom. 
Bringing with him all of his gold.  That is pretty lucky for me,  I didn't
even have to search for his "pot of gold at the end of the rainbow"

Well I was very excited.  As I looked closer...
  I discovered he brought some shamrocks too.
In all shapes and sizes...and yellow tulips, oh so pretty.
I think this leprechaun must be in touch with his feminine side
with that blingy shamrock.
I don't know about you, but a leprechaun has never shown himself to me before.
 He even put a little shamrock on my napkins
And what is that I see?  Could it be green beer? 
Yes it is.  Oh,
this is my kind of fellow.
You know what they say about about beer? 

God invented beer
so that Irishmen wouldn't take over the world.

The glasses that are holding the green beer
were my grandfather's, then my mother's
and now mine.  
Mom and I were trying to figure out how old they were
and decided
they were at least 60 years old. 
My mom's first memory of them was
when she was 17.

Funny story about these. 
Mom gave them to me a few years ago,
I had always loved them,
but had not used them often.
I always thought, in my younger days,
that the glasses had reindeer on them. 
When I actually received them, I realized they
were horses. 
White ones and Gold ones on a frosted glass.

There's a peek at "himself" surveying the table...
actually I think
he may be checking out the green beer...thirsty little guy.

My little friend used green water goblets,
for those of us not drinking beer
(I can only imagine .... well not really)


I used the sunburst again...look what it did to the napkin ring.
so cool, I guess I better buy one since I am so infatuated with it.
I can't wait to buy something with all of my gold!!
Shopping trip?

I think my little friend may come back for dinner, since I
am making corned beef Reuben's.
and from there who knows....?

But I will keep him around as long as I can...

at least until Kathleen's
St Patrick's Day crawl on March 16th. 
Be sure to visit her on party day.

Until then thanks for stopping by,
Happy St Patrick's Day and Happy
Tablescape Thursday!!

Come back again soon.
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