Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Dear Friend

Last year on my friend Kris' birthday I wrote
her a 1 minute poem.  So in keeping with goes

"Happy Birthday Dear Friend"

Kris, it is here, today is the day
And I hope your dear family will sweep you away

I hope you get flowers, presents, perhaps some cologne
To help you celebrate this amazing milestone

Kris is talented and funny and I hold her so dear
I think I may love her as much as I do beer

We have shared great memories year after year
But this turning 50 is a whole new frontier

Since I arrived first, I will show you the ropes
And the next 50 years will be full of new hopes

Hopes for us to share as much time as we can
Remember those resolutions, we must make a plan

Be happy and celebrate your very special day
And remember I am always available to play.

Happy Birthday to you
and many more!!!!!!!!
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