Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A lovely set of carrots .... for Tabletop Tuesday

Do you remember the lovely set of carrots
that Kris has?
(did that come out right)
She had a lovely set of carrots that I commented on a while back,
I actually said she should have a giveaway that I could win.
Well I won!
Well I didn't win, she gave them to me.
I had a dinner party on Saturday and I received them as a hostess gift.
Lucky me,
I didn't even have to bribe Mr. Sweet Life
(like that every works)

Kris is a very accomplished quilter,
lucky for me!

I can hear Martha and Melvins conversation now....

Hey Martha, get a load of these carrots...
those are some nice lookin carrots.

Well Melvin, I do declare,
those are the biggest carrots I have ever seen.

Let's eat!

Thanks Kris....I love them.

join her party.
Thanks Marty, this is my first time...and like
  Alice's white rabbit...I'm late!!!!!
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