Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Danielle - Danielley as we like to call her

Danielley in Cali

I guess we have been busy the last few weeks. Last week we

were lucky enough to have my niece visiting from Florida. Some of us hadn't seen her in several years so we really got to know her again. She has grown into a beautiful, young woman, who at 19 is very focused with a plan for her life. Most impressive.

Kevin and Danielle

As you can see I caught Kevin red handed with a snickerdoodle
Sean probably has one too.

Riley wanted in on the act.

We played sticks ..... it was very painful for me.
Delores (my mother in law), me and Diana (my mom)

Setting up

Sean, Delores, Kristi, Diana and Danielle.
Kristi was the big winner. Sean left early so he had to forfeit his win to Kristi. Sorry Sean.

Danielle giving me a nice pose.

Uncle and niece (I think this picture taking stuff is painful for Kevin)

Delores' famous Snickerdoodles ..... they did not last long

Danielle may have eaten more than her fair share

We miss her already... she headed home to start her 2nd year of college.

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