Friday, August 28, 2009

D-Day at the Kelley's

D is for Diana

Well after an entire weekend of carrying, cleaning, organizing and stuffing we have moved my mom into our house. Mom has been needing a little TLC lately so we have all decided she should join us in our home as well as spending some time with my brother and his family in Arizona.
This will be nice for not only her but for the AZ Grand kids. Kasey starts volleyball and Ryan starts swimming and we all know how BaBa loves her sports. She is very anxious to see them compete.

Big thanks to Kevin and Sean for all they have done.
Mom has been non stop working on her room and I think she is enjoying it. She picked Kristi's old room because she says it has the best view .... Sean says it is the coolest.

I think she made the right choice... I just wish it was bigger for her.

Here are some before pics and tomorrow I will post some afters.

Sean, hanging a new blind and curtains.

Out with the Old and in with the New.

I guess this means I have to empty the closet of all my
tablecloths and napkins... where is a tablescaper to keep her tools?

Notice the priorities... we must get the TV in first.

After pics to follow..............
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