Thursday, August 6, 2009

Baby Lunch

On Wednesday we had a baby lunch. What is a baby lunch you may ask? A way for moms, grandmas, and great grandmas to get together and share lunch and a beverage while the kids play.

Leo, his mom and grammy came to visit. Leo is Madison's boyfriend. I know Leo has lots of girlfriends but Madison thinks he is all hers. I think they are falling in love, what do you think?

Here's Leo playing hard to get...

Here's Madison giving Leo a coy look.

Leo is weighing his options and still playing hard to get...

But oh, that toy Madison is playing with looks pretty interesting. Maybe one quick look.

Madison says the heck with the toy, I love Leo's ear.

Wait one minute...

Okay, we can just play for now.

Leo, what are you concentrating on?

Madison giving Leo the eye...

and Leo giving Madison the eye....

It must be love.

We had the best afternoon. Kristi made a new salad that

was delicious. Food and company was devine.

Thank you Donna and Sheryl for visiting... I can't wait for our next Baby Lunch.

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