Thursday, August 27, 2009

Don't cry over spilled cake...

Can you spill cake...?

My mom hosted her bunco on Wednesday night, and after much planning and preparation we encountered a dilemma. She chose as her gifts pedestaled cake plates and Kristi (Yoursugarrush) was commissioned to make cupcakes of white cake with white chocolate chips frosted in butter cream. My mom was going to place one cute little boxed cupcake on each of the pedestaled plates. The ladies that did not win would go home with a cupcake... and everyone would be a winner.

On her way over Kristi realized she had left her wallet on the roof of her car. Quickly turning to retrace her steps, Madison's car seat went flying, along with the cupcakes. Kristi was distraught.

Well the story did have a happy ending... Madison was fine, and Kristi found her wallet. The cupcakes however were not so lucky.

Hard to believe these were lovely cupcakes isn't it?

It was like one big lump of cupcakes.

But our ladies love their cupcakes... so Kristi
salvaged a few for eating and bunco went on almost as planned.

These cupcakes were not the prettiest that YourSugarRush ever made but
they sure were delicious.

and yes Madison was fine

Add Image and I think she even got a cupcake.
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