Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Arizona Kiefer's

Arizona Week End

This past weekend I visited the Arizona Kiefers with Sean.
We left Thursday night to be there bright and early Friday morning.
We ended up getting an earlier start than we expected and the trip
was smooth sailing,
so we were able to visit Thursday night.  My sister in law
had a beverage waiting for me as we pulled up in the driveway. 
Gotta love a sister in law like that.

Friday morning we headed out to Phoenix for volleyball.
I spent a lot of years in the gym for volleyball
when my girls were playing and this brought back some great memories.
I remember the thrill of watching and the angst of being the parent.
It was much more relaxing watching as the auntie.
It hasn't changed much. The girls are all still pony tailed and cute.

Kasey reminds me so much of Kristi when
I watch her play even though Kasey is
not a setter and a little shorter.

Bad lighting in the gym, so I didn't take many pics and when
we moved gyms (with better lighting) I forgot
my camera....soooooo....pictures are not so good.

I'll give you something to compare.  Kristi at about the same age or
a year older.  Same intensity.

In between games we snuck out to Hobby Lobby.  It's
 that time again,  Festival of the Trees, and
Hobby Lobby is one of my favorite places to shop for it.
I wish we had a few HL, or even one in CA.  I may be
getting my wish, they are planning a few stores here very soon.

Stay tuned for a preview of my tree for this year.


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