Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dancing with the Girls

DWTS Party - Season 11

I am a fan of DWTS.  
 I am a late bloomer in the
the land of Dancing Fans...but have become a 
Devoted Fan.  
My daughter Kristi and
I decided it was just too much fun to keep our enthusiasm
to ourselves, so we decided to have
our second DWTS party. 
Since our party participants have expanded, it was
necessary to move the party to my house.

On Monday night, for the admission price of 1 appetizer,
we served Makstinis, ate delicious appetizers and watched.....

Our mirror ball was in place

and we rolled out the red carpet...

and prepared for our Stars...

V.I.P.'s only of course

We had a great time, and everyone shared
their favorites...and least favorite dancers. 
We had a lot to say about the various performances.
Did anyone have an opinion on Rick Fox and Cheryl Burke?
We did!!!
The "Situation" was also a major topic of conversation.

We sipped our Makstinis (since Maks is one of my favorites) 
and enjoyed an assortment of appetizers...
Kurt Warner tacos, and The Situation Pork Balls,
to mention two of the more creatively named ones.
Kristi made us pumpkin spice cupcakes
with a delicious cream cheese frosting.

What I wasn't expecting was how funny and creative these ladies are. 
We had our own judges table
(because we, and Michael Bolton are not always
in agreement with the Carrie Ann, Len and Bruno)
 They rose to the occassion, were extremely accurate
and kept us laughing.

So here are Carrie Ann (Sheryl) Len (Rosemary) and Bruno (Julia)
colorfully critiqued the Dancers

and here Carrie Ann (Tammie) is thoroughly giving her evaluation....

but Len (Katina) pointed out
that she was not watching very closely
because she was too busy doodling a pic
of Margaret Choo.

and of course Bruno (Laurie) was not to be out done

Overall they did manage to give us their scores.

Peggy and a friend

and our pool. 

Who do you think will win this Season?
Poor Delores is already out.  She had Margaret Cho, who
was eliminated last night.

What does all of this mean?  We will be having a finale
party....  Put it on
your calender, it's a date.
Enjoy the show.

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