Monday, September 13, 2010

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

What a summer I have been enjoying....
much traveling and not so much blogging. 
The blogging part has been sad, so
I will do my best to catch up.

With the end of summer,
came one last hurrah.
I joined my Bunco BFF's for our second annual
"Oregon Labor Day Weekend." or
as we affectionately nicknamed it
"BFF Weekend"

Our good friend Tracy moved to Oregon
a few years back and realized she was lonely for us, and we were lonely for her. 
Being her brilliant Tracy self she came up with the most outstanding idea.
She  invited us girls up for the long Labor Day weekend.

Upon exiling her husband and son
to a weekend camping trip, she hopped into
the jumbo van we rented and headed off to pick
us up at the airport.

Meanwhile, we were traveling...
LAX here we come.

Getting ready to land in Medford

I don't know if you
have ever flown Allegiant...but
it is a very interesting airline and an
adventure onto itself.

(Lisa and Katina)
You pay extra for your seat, you pay extra for your
bags and you pay extra for your drinks...
you even pay extra if you want to talk to a human.

(Peggy, Julia and Cynthia)
Frugal as we are, we did "Not" want to pay extra...We
chose instead to save all of our
money for shopping in the sales tax free land of Oregon.
 We bravely decided to carry on our bags
and have our seats
randomly selected by the charming (I say that loosely)
counter attendant.

(Peggy in her free seat)
With a little charm and prodding we all got to sit together

(Katina and Me)

and with our safe and timely arrival we were met
by Tracy....
who greeted us with open arms, open home and
more food and beverages than we could handle.

Stay tuned for the continuing adventures
of Loose Ladies in Oregon...

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