Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Goulie Preview

I don't know about anyone else,
but posting to my blog has been a major undertaking.

Between updates and the re-configuration
of picasa web albums, it appears I am "Out in of Space."
and I don't mean like Star Wars. 

Hmmmm, maybe it's because picasa has
duplicated every picture I have in my albums to
take up my available space and
wants me to PAY for more.  Hmmmm????

Oh well, this is going to force me to organize,
print and back up my photos. 
As Martha says...this is a Good Thing.

My new Favorite Things...

Halloween is quickly approaching
and I wanted to share my new Halloween wreath. 
I loved the bling. 
The funny thing about this wreath
is everyone tells me how pretty it is. 
The funny part of that? 
It's comprised of a
Very Pretty?
No, Very SPOOKY!!

Here's a close up of all the bling.
I got it in a great shop downtown.

My other new favorite is my witch sign.
She is not very attractive but I do love her.
Now she is very scarey, don't you think?

So Beware, my blog may be
taken over by Halloween Haunts very

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