Thursday, October 23, 2008

Day of Reflection

Thomas Joseph Kiefer Jr.

Dear Dad,

It's been another year and we have all missed you very much. Who knew you would leave such a big hole in our family. We had a very interesting week. Your third great grandchild, Madison was born on Sunday. She has dark hair and is very cute. You would have loved her and you could have sat on the sofa and said "Hi There" like you did with all of your grandchildren. Riley and Bella are growing like weeds, Riley will be two and Bella will be one before you know it. It is almost time to carve our pumpkins and again that makes us think of you. I hope you will approve of the finished products. We will probably have a contest to see who can carve the best one. I'm sure Riley will win. We are all doing well, and until we meet again, all my love.

Thomas (Sonny) and Diana Kiefer

June 6, 1953

Is there a monkey behind me?

Shaken not Stirred

A few of his favorite things: His Bride, His children, His grandchildren, King Kong, James Bond, Gloria Jean, working on his antenna on the roof, movies, movies, movies, Gloria Jean, Seafood, Broadway shows, New York City, His computer, Music, creating Christmas goodies for us, Holidays, Carving the Thanksgiving turkey, Corn off the cob ...................................

September 2005
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