Monday, July 29, 2013

Baby it's Cold Outside.........Really?

Summer is here,
not in full swing of course,
but here just the same. 
We are swimming, barbecuing,
having outdoor movies, pool parties of all shapes and sizes
and have even made a batch of homemade ice cream or two. 
I know when I say not in full say...are you kidding? 
The 4th of July has come & gone,
and school supplies
have begun showing up in the stores. 
We are a 
away from Fall for gosh sakes. 
What I really mean is we haven't quite hit the full "Summer Heat". 
Mornings are still a bit cool
and overcast and just the perfect time to putter in the garden.  

A couple of my favorite people spent the night this past weekend. 
It was spur of the moment,
so they didn't pack for the occasion.
(which is a post in itself) 
No one could accuse them of not coming prepared...
or overly prepared. 
This time however, it was just them, the clothes on their backs and a lot of enthusiasm.
On Sunday morning, after breakfast,
Pop Pop decided to head out to clean the pool. 
Well if someone is about to start a project you must expect some HELP...
and of course the HELPERS jumped at the chance.
But before they headed out to that cool overcast morning...they needed to prepare themselves.

Tim said they looked like Hobbits
(I can see it)

Adult supervision??

Well luckily the weather wasn't much of deterrent and the pool got cleaned, the plants got watered, and snacks were had. 
By the time all
the puttering was done, the sun came out
in all her glory and we enjoyed a little summer swimming.
All in all it was another perfect day!!

"So nice to be back!!"
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