Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Princess Diaries

Dear Diary,

In August, my mom and dad took me to California
to see the rest of my family.  I was very excited to
get on the airplane, because I knew when I got there
I would be able to put my Belle princess dress on,
see my California grandma and she was going to
to take me to Disneyland. 
I could hardly wait. 

My mommy told my grandma
that we would be landing at 9:00 am. 
So my grandma
(after being up very late the night before with bunco)
jumped out of bed, got ready for Disneyland and headed to LAX. 

Boy was she surprised when
she got there and found out our plane didn't arrive until 10:15.

  No problem for her though...she found
a Carl's Jr, right outside the airport and had her 
missed morning coffee.
At 10:15 in excited anticipation she began her circle of the airport and soon got the call from my mommy that we had landed. 
By this time I had put on my Belle dress
and was waiting to see my grandma. 
Grandma couldn't see us, and got very confused....
why were we outside Southwest terminal when we flew American. 
That's when mommy said....
you know we're in Ontario right?
Uhhh NO...
grandma was at the wrong airport. 
How silly is that?

So mommy, daddy and I sat on the floor
to eat a chocolate bar and waited
quite patiently for
grandma to drive from LAX to Ontario.
Boy that candy bar was good though.

When she got there, she was so happy
to see me.  She sure hugs a lot and
was very excited to head to Disneyland.
So was I.

We did lots of fun things, and one
of my favorites things was the new Ariel ride.
I think daddy was pretty tired
from our trip, but he
loved it too.

I think my mommy likes Disneyland almost as much
as I do.  She didn't wear a princess dress though,
I wonder why.

During the parade,
I got to see every single princess.
Even Rapunzel. 
Grandma said when we come
back to Disneyland with the rest of the family
she will buy me a Rapunzel dress. 
I can't wait.

I also went to Minnie's house. 
Did you know Minnie's house is my favorite color


She was sad when I had to go and gave me a

By this time I was kind of tired
and I knew
I would come back with my cousins
in a day or so.

So mommy, daddy, grandma and I headed back
to my grandma's house to see Pop Pop

I think I may have fallen asleep on the way home.

So Dear first day
in California was great and I think I get to see
my cousins tomorrow.   I can't wait.
I sure do love California and getting
to be a Princess.
See you tomorrow.

Princess Bella

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