Friday, October 14, 2011

Halloween Bunco

It's time once again for my Halloween Bunco.
I have written my annual invitation poem,
but this
year I have added something new....

It’s that time once again, but look for a Twist
And if you dare to not come, the Powers at be will be Pissed
Rumor has it that a Masquerade Party has been planned
With Murder and Mystery, it’s bound to be Grand

An invitation will arrive with your part, which is Key
To give you the tools you will need to administer the Third Degree

You will play an important part,
so bring your Wits and your Cunning
And a Masquerade Mask that is both Glitzy and Stunning

You may Dress as you wish, but in Character I would Choose
Rewards will be given for those that step it up and Amuse.

October 28 is the date I think would be best
Let me know if this works to eliminate my stress
A delicious Mexican dish is the price of Admission
not to mention a lovely Bunco Tradition

Please come ready to play and help solve this Masquerade Mystery
And I apologize ahead…….you do know my History.

We shall be playing a murder mystery...
Something I have been wanting to
try for a long time.
Mystery at the Masquerade Ball,

I will let you know how it goes.
I'm hoping it will become our new tradition
and will be a party to die for.

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