Friday, February 10, 2012

I Believe....

Since I was Riley's age I have
always loved fairies.

I know princesses are all the rage now,
and fairies are always playing second fiddle.
But really, it doesn' t get spunkier than a fairy
and they can fly too.

What princess can say that?
Princesses today have come a long way from the princesses of my day, but still....fairies are so fun.

Disney has done such an amazing job
bringing Tinker Bell to life....
bigger and better than just Peter Pan's sidekick.
And have you met her friends?

I play a game with my grand daughters
when I babysit,
before they go to sleep we go through the fairies.
I name the color of the fairy
and they tell me which fairy I'm thinking of.
It goes something like this.

Green - Tinker Bell (my favorite)
Blue - SilverMist
Pink - Rosetta
(it's always a toss up between SilverMist
and Rosetta as the favorite)
Yellow - Iridessa
Orange - Fawn
and like every group of characters
you need one a bit adversarial
with a bit more attitude than the rest.
Purple - Vidia
Since putting in the playground for the girls
I have always wanted one area
as my very own Pixie Hollow.

Pixie Hollow is the place that Never Fairies live.
I know, enough about the fairies already,
but hey I love em...

In fact, I love them so much I decided to make
fairy houses with the girls to hang in
my very own Pixie Hollow.

So with some paint and lost things
we assembled our fairy houses.

Riley decided she wanted to do a
house for Rosetta, and since
Rosetta is a flower fairy and is pink...
her house needed flowers and lots of pink.

Pop Pop, not being a fan of fairies but
definitely being a fan of the
girls decided to stop by and
see what we were doing.

That look on Riley's face is hysterical...
no telling what Pop Pop said.

Madi was in her own little world.
Do you know how
much bling can fit on a fairy house?
Just ask Madi....lots and lots and lots.
And we haven't even
put the pixie dust on yet.

Can you see the pixie dust in the picture,
glitter that comes in every fairy color

I think Madi wanted as much bling
on her house as was on Rileys outfit.

The houses turned out darling and we
had a great time making them.
As soon
as the weather gets a bit warmer,
the girls
and I will head out to Pixie Hollow and hang
them. I hope the fairies enjoy
them and visit often.
Because the fairies know, in this house
We believe!!!!
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