Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Kristi's Birthday Dinner

We had a very eventful weekend and part of that weekend was
celebrating Kristi's 30th

We started by having a delicious lunch and cocktail at Miguel's on Friday.
Riley calls it the purple restaurant
and has been wanting to go for weeks.
I think the girls just like to walk around the lake afterward. 

 We always
sit outside and the weather cooperated
As we were walking around
the lake I was kicking myself for not
bringing my camera with me. 

Sean made it home for the weekend to enjoy the
birthday festivities. 
His birthday was on the 1st and
he couldn't make it home, so we all went down
to San Diego with a
birthday cake made by Kristi for his birthday.

Back to Kristi's birthday....
on Saturday we had her birthday dinner. 

She requested:

Salad - fashioned after BJ's barbecue chicken salad (so yummy)
Spinach Raviolis in Browned Butter
French Bread

I set the table in happy yellow and black

and got no pictures of anything that evening. 
We actually had a blast,
which is probably why
I took NO pictures

Notice the black marks on the tablecloth?
Kristi has a fear of bees...
so while I was setting the table
I was cracking myself up. 
The tablecloth and napkins
have an adorable bee embroidered on them.

So funny

Happy Birthday Kristi...
can't believe you turned


By the way...the rest of the weekend included
A Rose Garden
New sconces
and an Oscar Party!!!
and I did get pictures of those.
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