Friday, March 2, 2012

My Rose Garden, the new sandbox and Oscar

Since the moment we moved into this house, Kevin has wanted to put in a rose garden for me.  
Last year
we actually had the brick retaining wall built, and it was just waiting for roses.  

Here is the original post
of "Unfinished Business" 
and after reading this post
I realized some of these projects
actually got done and I should
update them...future post...

So... I ordered some barefoot
from J&P 
(a little late, I guess you need to order in June for January/February delivery) 
but missed my opportunity to buy barefoot locally.  

I did make a trip over to a local nursery
and did I score!!!  
They had just planted their bare root roses,
so they pulled them out, wrapped them up and I brought them home.

I am still missing 15, but I am much closer to a rose garden.

I have a wide variety of types and colors.
The nurseryman said I should
be looking at blooms in 6 weeks.

all of my roses were planted
with TLC by
the master gardener.

I even have some famous roses
you may know.

Where there's Ronnie...

Nancy can't be far behind.

I have plans of inviting 
Cary Grant to my rose garden and I'm sure if he comes Grace Kelly and 
Audrey Hepburn would like
to be on either side of him.  

For that matter I need a 
nice white rose so I have invited JFK.  
He will be
flanked by Jackie and Marilyn Monroe.  
I'll have
my own little rose walk of fame.

Speaking of stars....I went to Katina's annual Oscar Party last Sunday.

As usual we had a great time.  

I didn't see any of the movies yet
this year, but I always enjoy seeing the dresses on the red carpet.

Katina is always such a splendid hostess!!

Katina is this Latte or Jasmine?

Our food was terrific and since everyone is on 
Weight Watchers, it was 
also WW friendly.
These ladies really know how
to put on a spread of delicious food.

They had pork tostadas, a pasta dish,
egg rolls, strawberry shortcake just to name
a few of the menu items.

and last but not least,
POP POP has been at it again.

Our little Madi is a bit
of a dirty girl.
She owns every piece of dirt
in our backyard.  Just ask her.
she tells us all the time 
that she loves her dirt.

So the girls sent POP POP this little
hint from Toys R Us.

of course Madi didn't really even know
what a sandbox was.

So after working on the rose garden, Pop Pop and 
headed to Toys R Us to see what was
so special.

He loved it and carted it home, filled it with 
sand...and look what grew.

Another successful project by the 

I'm working on the living room 
mantel and my office redo. 

Hopefully I will have some
pictures of these two projects soon.
Sean put up my new
sconces over the fireplace and it looks
so different.  

You know what happens when you change one thing though.  
My can of worms
is now open...
don't tell Pop Pop.
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