Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring is Springing....

The weather is definitely not cooperating
with my Spring yearnings...

With a few gorgeously warm and
clear days last week, I was really feeling
Spring was going to be right on schedule. 

Little did I know we
would have snow in our local hills.... yikes.

The weather hasn't gotten in the way of fun however. 

Tammie hosted our
lovely March bunco,
embracing the green of the Irish.

with lots of food...
(that was friendly to the waistline)

It was a fun night....and I even won one of the
top prizes. 
I must have been channeling the luck of the Irish.

Thanks Tammie!!!

The Irish fun continued into St Patrick's Day!

The Rush's hosted
a delicious dinner which included all
the best things you would expect from the Irish.

Everything was so festive and fun....
and did I mention Green?

Tim took the opportunity
to speak with an Irish brogue for the day.
If I didn't know any better, he
may have some leprechaun in him.
(which he did an imitation of ...oh
how I wish I had gotten a pic of that)

The girls were sporting their new St Patrick's Day dolls
(I know really?  Mermaids??)

and of course most importantly...

The green beer...

We also had:

Corned Beef Rubens
Cole Slaw
Mac & Cheese
Soooooo yummy!!
and even a low fat chocolate and pistachio filled cake.

Thanks Tim and Kristi!!!!!!!
It was so much fun!!!!!!

On Sunday I had
2 projects I wanted to finish.
I wanted to put up a frame collage in my hallway
 (including new pictures)

which I did and LOVE!

As you can see the rug
is going to stay.
I think it looks great with the dark frames.

I wanted to do my entryway arrangement. 
I am happy to
report I got them both done.

Lastly, I would like to


with my new little sign

and my new and I think happy welcome mat.

Now if I can only get those bunnies out
and hopp'in.....

Happy 1st Day of Spring...tomorrow!!!
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