Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Break?

Sean just finished mid terms...can you believe he is already
into his second year of law school.  

Since he is a starving
law student, Europe is not on the agenda for Spring Break. 

he is home for a few days, decompressing and putting in some yard lights.

Not as glamorous as a trip, but hey....

now that I think about it...he should
have just relaxed in San Diego.
But like the rest of us, he
doesn't like to be idle for long.

He also helped me paint 
this bathroom.
Here are the before shots.

My last hold out for any bit
of wallpaper.

and he helped me clean out the tree 
for Pixie Hollow.
Are you seeing a pattern...
when I say 


You can just peek in and see how
gorgeous it looks with the new
bark down.  
Clean and
ready for the fairies to move in....
now, if they
only had a few houses.  

and last but not least, 
(Kevin this time) 
a few tomatoes. 

We haven't
planted the whole garden yet, 
but that will
happen next weekend.

After looking at these pictures, I'm wondering
why I'm so tired and sore.  It looks like
I didn't do much, but hey...
someone has to be
in charge.  

By next weekend, these
projects will be ready to show off.

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