Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Favorite Things and This and That!

We are getting close to finishing our grove area...
well closer
than we have ever been...!!

I was out shopping for a little ironwork table and chairs
to put in Pixie Hollow for the girls
on Saturday,
but the little ironwork shop
in Murietta is now out of business.
So sad!!!

But as we were turning around we
came across a fountain and
water feature store.
I want to take our fountain
up by the house and move it down
to the new "Rose Garden".
 I had a style of fountain in mind
to replace it with, and I think I found it.

The one I want actually has a different basin, and
I think I want more of a gray stone look but this is
the basic design with the 4 iron spouts,
and I can order it in whatever color I want. 

It reminds me of something
I would see in an old English garden
and it has a lovely sound.
Now all I need is money....maybe
I should plant this first.
It would definitely come in handy!!

I recently painted my downstairs
bathroom and have been looking for accessories. 
My inspiration pictures
are butterflies of all things.

Ballard was having a sale on wall art,
so I ordered this set of 3 wall plaques.

I think they will be perfect in the bathroom.
They are all 3 different.

Don't you just love ordering things online? 
It feels
like your birthday every time something
comes in the mail.

We also planted the vegetable garden this weekend,
(partly in the rain)
and started plans for an herb garden.

The herbs and herb seeds are purchased ... now
all I need is a little water to my whisky barrels.
So much to do and so little time...........
P.S. Is anyone watching DWTS????

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