Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Weekend Happenings and a Bunny Spotting

We had a little luck this weekend...
the rain was only a little misty 
so we were able to get 
our patio covers up.

We were getting a little worried 
about the raw wood,
so Kevin painted
the beams to make sure 
they didn't warp and twist.

This is the
so nicknamed
by Madi...
from her own little imagination.

It stuck, so now we will be referring to
this area as the 

Here's the 

and here's the

"maybe we need a 
nickname for this area too...perhaps...
"The Dragons Lair"
or not"

and this could be the dragon

Here's the 
(of the Dragon's Lair)

and the
of the 

(Do you think somehow I can
put little castle-like flags on the corners
and a small turret or two ???)

We even had lunch there after 
Sean and Kevin hooked
up the speakers...it was soooo nice.

A few other happening....

Grapes have been spotted on the vines.

The garden is completely in and planted
(Doesn't look like much
is happening right now does it?)

and we have finally had a
bunny sighting.

Just in the nic of time 

A little new spring feel on the door. 

and a carrot or two or three...
just to entice a few more bunnies.

We're almost
ready for the Easter
festivities on Sunday...

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