Thursday, March 15, 2012

...and a Diva in the making...

I have been painting, updating and trying to refresh
my home without changing the major things like furniture.
(even though I would love to change the major
things like floor coverings...)

I purchased some inspiration pieces recently and I
just had to share.  This mirror is one of my favorite things
and will hang in my entryway as you walk in.

it looks old and worn, (like me) and seems to be
my new favorite look.

This is also for my entryway.
I was looking for some sort of vase like container
that was a little different.
We shall see how it looks when
I get it put together.

I have added a splash of yellow to my entryway.
Yellow is so happy.

I also found this yummy is getting mixed reviews
with the family, but I love it.
(and it is all about me)

I have been known for buying frames and leaving
the pictures (of strangers)
in my frames. 

In fact when my son was small he asked
who the lady was in the frame.
I chuckled and told him it was Aunt Gertrude.
(aka lady who came with the frame)
He promptly showed anyone
who visited the lovely photo of his Aunt Gertrude.
This was my first indication I had a problem.

I am happy to report, that so far,
all the new frames I have purchased have updated and very
fun pictures in them
(thanks Kristi)

The frame in the background is one of Pop Pop's favorites

and since my photos are so up to date I thought
it would be okay to do another round.

I got some new mantel accessories
that I have been
playing with. 
Notice the tags and wrappings are intact...just in case.

I am noticing I do love mercury glass, flowers and birds....
who knew?

and some happy color

As for the Diva I mentioned.

The new rose garden is beginning to show
some life and I do believe there is a
Diva trying to take over.

It's not my Barbra Streisand rose as I would
have suspected.
It's the other Barbara....

She is racing to have first bloom bragging rights.

Funny thing!
 St Patrick's Day is right around the corner
Barbara's nearest competition seems to be....

St Patrick Himself

So I will keep on working on the house
and try to fit some of my new treasures in with
my old treasures.
We shall see how it works out.

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