Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Kristi!!!!!

 Dear Kristi,

Happy Birthday.  
I wrote you a one minute poem.  
My creative juices weren't flowing this morning 
but my heartfelt
birthday wishes are there just the same.  
Enjoy your day!

To Kristi:

You turned thirty today we need a massive celebration
Wonderful wife, mom, daughter and friend, 
wow, you also need a vacation

Thirty has come too quickly for me to digest
But upon reflection of you my darling, I am truly blessed

Your life, as I had hoped is filled with love and joy
Even though you haven’t yet decided on another baby (boy)

You have so many talents, I can't name them all
You are beautiful, creative, and I must mention tall.

I look forward to all the good things the future will hold
but please slow it down, you know I am getting old.

Have a great day, surrounded by those who care most
And I raise my glass and offer you a birthday toast. 
(maybe at lunch)

I love you and am very proud of the woman you are,
In my book you are the most shining star.


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