Thursday, December 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Stacy.

Today is my daughter Stacy's Birthday.
She will be coming to visit this week with her
daughter and husband and we will celebrate
Stacy's birthday as well as Isabella's who turned one on
November 25.

Memory of the day Stacy was born:
I woke up to waddle to the bathroom as usual - over 1 week overdue. Funny thing
happened on the way, my water broke so off to the hospital I went.
You were a bit stubborn to be born (shock) so they did a cesarean.
I didn't get to see you when you were born because of the cesarean but
they told me I had a beautiful baby girl and
I cried (not because you were a girl but because I was so happy)
On my way back to my room they handed you to me and
I saw just how beautiful you were. You looked up at me for the first time
and you were so small. It was love at
first sight.
Happy Birthday Stace - I love you.
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