Tuesday, December 23, 2008

These are a few of my Favorite Things --

What are your Christmas preferences?

Gift wrap or gift bags?

Gift Wrap because every year I get to pick my theme to color coordinate my packages. This year I have some beautiful black velvet, and gold, very festive.

Real or artificial tree?

I love the smell of real but the convenience and safety of artificial. In fact my favorite tree is my flocked artificial I put in my livingroom window.

When do you put up the tree?

I always say I will do it Thanksgiving weekend and it never gets done until the next weekend.

When do you take down the tree?

I also have been known to take it down Christmas evening.

Do you like eggnog?

I do with peach brandy -- but very fattening. Sean loves it!

Do you have a nativity scene?

I do and I love it. It was my grandmothers (my dads mom) and when she moved from Florida my dad brought it back for me. It's quite large and done in creams. I love it. (did I say that already)

Mail or e-mail Christmas cards?

Am I supposed to send Christmas cards? Maybe this year....maybe next year...

Favorite Christmas Movie?

I have soooooo many. The Bishops Wife, Meet me in St Louis (not Christmas but Judy Garland sings Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas and it is wonderful) and the Santa Claus (that answers all those questions you had about Santa when you were a kid).

Favorite Gift?

Last Christmas God saw fit to bless our family with Isabella Rose Vanderheiden, a true miracle.

When do you start shopping for Christmas?

Sometimes before but mostly after Thanksgiving, unlike my sister in law who shops all year and has it done by Easter.

Favorite things to eat during the holidays?

Delicious cakes and cookies. Or...these wonderful oatmeal, banana, chocolate chip poop muffins that my dear friend makes...hint...hint Kris!

Favorite Christmas Songs or Carols?

Mary did you know, Oh Holy Night, Carol of the Bells and Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas. I do like the old renditions but for more current artists: Josh, Michael Buble and Il Divo are a few of my favorites. If you want a good album try Vanessa Williams, she has a very pleasant one.

Angel or star on top of your tree?


Open gifts Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?

Christmas Eve, Santa brings jammies for everyone in the family and that is nice because we usually dress up on Christmas Eve and we end the evening ready for bed in our new jammies. All other gifts, Christmas morning.

Most annoying thing about the holiday season?


Favorite ornament theme/color?

Varies every year. I love all my decorations so it is too hard to pick. Here are a few of my favorites.

Favorite Christmas Dinner?

Christmas Eve is usually Prime Rib or Mexican Food. Christmas morning is a brunch casserole that bakes while we open gifts. Christmas Day is make ahead dinner that I can pop in the oven and play with everyones toys throughout the day. On Christmas my jobs are done and I don't want to spend my time in the kitchen.

What do you want for Christmas?

Peace on Earth, Good Will towards Men or Diamonds.

Anyone else want to play along? Kristi - Sean - Diane - Joy - Katina - Tracy - lets get going girls and man
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