Thursday, January 22, 2009

Practically Perfect for Everyday!

I wanted to share this Practically Perfect idea that can be used for everyday. I recently received a wonderful gift from a dear friend and she was so clever in her presentation. The gift was a giftcard. Giftcards are sometimes hard to present because you want to do more than hand it over. (even though we all love receiving them) This gift card was tucked into a darling glass jar stuffed with shiny shredded paper, and wrapped in cute paper, not to mention the cute box she put it in. Please remember it was a gift to me and in my eagerness to see what was inside I did crumple the paper a bit.

I hope you can get a good look at this because it was so cute and I for one plan on using this idea with my next gift of a gift card. Just think of the possibilities.
I love the idea of sharing ideas like this so if anyone has something they would
like to share on anything I would be interested on starting this post. More about
this practically perfect ideas later......

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