Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Little Ladies

Yes, I am still blogging about my trip to Long Island....sorry
I took so many pictures that the only
way I can post them all is to do them in tiny groups.

One of the days we were there,
the ladies decided we needed
to go out to lunch. 
So my Auntie (you guess which auntie?)
chose a place
and we spent the day together.

Here we have my mom, Auntie Laurie, Auntie Em,
Auntie Maryrose and me.

Isn't it cute how my auntie held my hand for the picture...
she is so sweet.
She is my mother's younger sister and Auntie Em is my mother's Aunt.
Laurie is married to FU

Did I mention these ladies like to eat?  Well after our outing,
we gathered at my Uncle Emil's house.  Are you following the family connection yet?  Uncle Emil is the one who is ill, and he is my mom's youngest brother and fraternal twin to FU.
So what did we do at Unc's house?
Eat of course.
Auntie Em had a gin martini made

especially for her by the various uncles and
mom enjoyed a rare glass of wine.

The food, prepared by my Aunt Maryrose
was to die for. She is an excellent cook and her
Italian.....toooooo good.
I did manage to come home with the
secret recipes for her sauce
(or as they like to call it her gravy)

Then the family broke out the not ordinary
cherries.  These cherries are marinated in a jar with a
secret ingredient and cherry juice made
by my Auntie Linda. 
They are mighty potent, but a favorite
with the family.   Auntie Em got into the act.
Auntie is 80 years young.
She thoroughly enjoyed them.

Even mom joined in the fun

We lost count, I'm not sure how many they had ;)

Oh, and about that secret ingredient......

Yowza...those XXX must stand for something.

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