Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Road to Montauk Point

You've heard of the Road to Bali, with Bob Hope, Bing Crosby and Dorothy Lamour.  Without
the sarong and song...we had the
Road to Montauk Point and the lighthouse that lives there.

My cousin Ricky was our tourguide
and decided that we should see the lighthouse
not only up close and personal but from the ocean side. 
It started raining as we emerged from our vehicles,
but that didn't stop Ricky. 
I left my camera in the car in fear of getting it wet. 
I was the only one on this road without proper attire. 
Camera phone and flip flops intact we trudged forward....
following...you guessed it, the pirate himself

followed by some very tentative

At least they both had hats...

and some of us, I won't mention names (Linda)
had brought her foul weather gear.

and Christopher Robin himself aka Mary Poppins,
brought an umbrella...tut tut it looks like rain.

Juliet striking a pose

and Frank,
with no intention at all, of sharing
the shelter of that much needed umbrella
with the rest of us

The rocks were slippery, especially since most of us
had on flip flops....but we endured

Until we met with our photo op, complete with lighthouse
in the background.  Notice I am the only drowned rat in the picture.

and again with our fearless leader
and then safe and sound if not dry
in front of the lighthouse and that gorgeous sky.
Pretty good with a phone.

It was an excellent adventure

We even found a place to leave Frank....an area
to discard "Old Fishermen"
or is it?

Thanks for joining me and our
lovely hostess Susan for Outdoor Wednesday and
experiencing  all of the "Outdoor" elements of fun.
It was a great time.

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