Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Have you ever wanted to be the "SAME" as anyone?

You know what I mean, 
SAME likes and dislikes, 
SAME gray brown hair, 
SAME taste in princess clothes,
like the SAME Tinker Bell movies,
like to play on the playground, like to color in the lines and have no one else touch your page
or your crayons for that matter, 
have the SAME taste in princess shoes,
have the SAME favorite princess,
love the SAME cookies and snacks, icees and popcorn at Target, and when it comes to that...
LOVE Target.
We Love the SAME flowers, and the
SAME preschool, and we love
swinging on the swings....
the SAME

The list goes on and on ...

Well my little buddy and I
 are the SAME in every way you can imagine
(according to her)
and she is just delighted about it. 
We have gone over lists and lists and well,
we are the SAME.

I will admit, I am just as delighted
as she is about being the SAME,
especially knowing as I do that this too
she shall outgrow.  
This has been a very special grandma
highlight for me....
being the SAME.

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