Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Birthday Wish with a 1-Minute Poem

Today is my good friends birthday,
and in keeping with tradition I have
written her my annual 1 minute birthday poem.
The trouble with these poems is you
never know what you will get....
but here goes.

A little birdie whispered to me in my ear
Someone you know has just turned a year

Thinking to myself, I must send a note
I decided to share a poem with my special old goat
with this special poem I shall quote

This lady is lovely, talented and funny
and her husband even lovingly calls her his bunny.

She celebrates not only a day, a week, a month, but much more
But her birthday festivities never seem like a chore

Today she shall be surrounded by those she holds dear
just remember how many points there are in a beer.

I take that back, because on you birthday foods are zero
So eat cake, cookies and butter and you will be my hero

Enjoy your day and do what pleases you
Even if it includes getting a brand new tattoo

Happy Birthday dear friend, you are the best
and to be your friend I feel truly blessed.


I was searching for that picture of both of us thin
But I realized we will see it again soon,
when we lose that second chin for our thin is within

Happy Birthday Kris!!!

FYI - last years poem

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