Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dream Team for Dancing with the Stars

Who would you pick if you could pick your Dream Dancing with the Stars season.  Carolyn and I are here at work, not working, but working hard on our Dream DWTS team.  We came up with such an outstanding group we were curious to see how they stand up to your Dream Team. 

This started because my favorite
new dancer is
Ralph Macchio

Hugh Jackman
(hubba hubba)

Will Smith
(pretty sexy)

John Schneider
(makes us want to take off our Daisy Dukes)

Rob Lowe

Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr
(already in dance mode)

Kevin Costner
(everyone's dream guy)

Lorenzo Lamas
(I thought he was a shoe in....boo hoo)


Bradley Cooper
(yummy .... the eyes have it)

Bruce Willis
(not bad for a bald guy)

David Beckham
(he can just lay there while the girls dance around him)

Carolyn is standing behind me, drooling
on my neck and saying yummy, yummy.
We need a life.
Who would you add to our list?

Remember....this is our Dream Team
and we don't do women.
except maybe

Kris this one's for you

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