Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Porch Pick Me Up...

Someone is turning 80 and we
have to clean up for a party.

I killed 2 birds with one stone this past weekend. 
My porch was
badly in need of a face lift and someone
I know will be celebrating
his 80th birthday this Saturday. 

His actual birthday isn't until Tuesday
but we thought we would surprise him
with a little celebration on Saturday.

Sushhhh... I don't think he knows.

First think Saturday morning
I headed to the nursery for some
new flowers,
knowing that with all of our rain this year,
the porch would be a mess. 
We're also working on a much needed step going
from the upper level to the lower level in the backyard,
making it much more "80 year old" friendly. 
And of course I
did some trimming and planting in the backyard as well.

The Porch

Everything on the porch looked something like this.

so with a little hosing
and planting and some help from a friend
we spruced it up.

and made it a bit more welcoming,
just ask kitty.

The gazebo practically decorated itself with
masses of flowers surrounding it.

We're hoping to get one more year
out of it before we have to replace it.

The step will be party ready by Sunday.

We also got some new brush cherry to plant.
We named them...

The shortest one to the right is Tom Cruise
next to him is Katie Holmes
and then Nicole Kidman
and lastly Penelope Cruz.

Tom is a bit of an over achiever.  Since he has
been in the ground he has almost caught up with Katie.

as for the birthday boy?
It's my father in law Jim

I will let you know if he's surprised
and how the party goes.


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