Tuesday, August 23, 2011

There's a Party a Brew'in

and NO it's not Halloween yet. 

Mom's bunco is tomorrow and her theme is always
"Under the Tuscan Moon"

We usually eat Italian in the Gazebo...

August nights are so warm and
gorgeous that no one wants to come in to play bunco.

This year we will have dinner and bunco in the
The house can be back up
if it gets too chilly...
but Kevin has already put in a load of wood for
a nice big fire.

Here's a little preview of mom's inspiration

Tammie made us these killer invitations....
but we do have a few surprises. 
Do you see whats peeking out from behind? 
Look closer. 

That's right Lisa....
get your song on ladies,
concert in the "Pork" and you're
the entertainment.

and we may even have a celebrity
join us

Creepy I know...
the only thing that would be better than only Dean
would be

The whole "Rat Pack"...
maybe next year but for now....

there's a party a brew'in.

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