Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I was walking through the Game Room
the other morning and there was
my mom watching yet another cooking show. 
This one was Ina
(one of our very favorites)
making one of my mom's all time favorites....

We love eggplant in our house,
all but Kevin who thinks it's rather mushy.
Maybe, but we love it anyway. 
This recipe looked so good, I watched the rest
of the show and then went straight to the kitchen to make it.

I think I should have written it down, and when I go back to watch it again
and write down the directions,
I will probably discover I made it totally wrong.
Perhaps that is the "C" student in me, right Kristi?

You start by sauteing cubed eggplant and onions
in olive oil and BUTTER
(I did say it was Ina)

I actually blanched tomatoes from my garden
 used them in my sauce, as well as my fresh basil. 
I was so proud.
Throw in some whole garlic cloves too.

a little fresh fettuccine

My finished pasta. 
You actually cube mozzarella
and fresh mozzarella and add it to the pasta and sauce, as
well as Parmesan cheese.
It was delicious but not so low cal.

I also used fresh garden ingredients in my salad. 
I am looking forward to next year's garden so
I can put what I learned this year to good use.
Perhaps I can strive to be that
student I know I can be ;)

If you like eggplant, this is definitely
worth making.

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