Monday, October 12, 2009

Extended Week-end Warrior

No... I didn't do a project or work around my house, but boy was I busy. It started during this past week when we celebrated my mom's 76th birthday.
Our bunco group went to Wood Ranch for dinner.
We had 3 birthdays to celebrate:
Vivian and

Next came mom's actual birthday.
(Mom must think she is like Kris with this
entire birthday adventure going on)

On Friday we continued our birthday celebration with our annual trip to Oak Glen.

We started at Peggy's beautiful wreath decked door, where she was waiting to welcome us in.

We enjoyed a delicious breakfast and some light shopping in the local shops.
The weather was absolutely gorgeous and the company, divine.

On Saturday I did a little prep work for my contribution to Festival of the Trees. A quick trip to Tai Pan and home for a rendezvous with the FU. Frank and Laurie came out for Sushi

No pics of Sushi night but it was great.

On Sunday we celebrated Tim's birthday. Mom was sad to see her celebration end but she had fun celebrating with Tim. We all went to the Happiest Place on Earth. It was the first time for Riley and Madison and I'm sure it won't be the last. I'll let Kristi fill you in on the details.

Birthday Boy hanging out with Minnie Mouse

The whole family (minus a few of course)

Pop Pop and Minnie

Pop pop and Madison

So my posting drought has come to an end.

It's good to be back :)

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