Friday, October 2, 2009

Frankie's Back

or maybe a form of Frankie.

For some reason I love Halloween, maybe it's the crazy witches and colors... I don't really know. For years I have had a 6 foot blow up Frankenstein ... or Frankie as we have fondly called him, that greeted my bunco girls each year for our Halloween Bunco. In fact it is common knowledge that he was madly in love with one of our Bunco girls (Cynthia) and always had a special place in his eh, heart for her.

Several years ago Frankie sprung a leak, in a very delicate place. He hung in there for years, the good sport that he was, but unfortunately it is time to put Frankie to rest.

RIP Frankie

we will miss you.

To my delight, my friend Peggy, knowing my love of Frankie, gave me a gift. A new and improved Frankie. He will never fully take the place of our dearly departed Frankie, but we are looking forward to the greeting he will give us at Bunco. So I introduce you to Frankie N. Stein Jr., who will start my Halloween decorating.

Welcome to Frankie.

Large and in charge and a fine figure of a monster

deep down, I think he's just a pussycat.

Can't wait for him to meet Cynthia

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