Monday, September 28, 2009

Endless Summer .....

this is the mantra of the North Shore...

I know summer is over, hard to imagine when we came home to 100 + temperatures, but you can't deny the days are shorter and the nights are cooler.

Kevin and I were lucky enough to extend our summer just a bit longer with a wonderful vacation.

The North Shore of Oahu is truly a beautiful destination. Anyone planning a trip will not be disappointed. The beaches are everything you would imagine Hawaii to be like.... long and sandy and the most vibrant shades of blues and greens.

I took over 700 pictures (don't worry I will be gentle and try not to post them all .. haha) and I don't think you can ever capture the true beauty.

While we were there we had a few days of unexpected high surf... waves 20 + feet and what a show they put on. You could feel the force and strength of these waves thundering through the sand.

We flew into Honolulu, grabbed the rental car (we were treated to an upgrade by Kevin's cousin, who works for Enterprise, to a convertible) and of course headed straight to Costco for the essentials. From Costco we headed across the island to the North Shore and Turtle Bay.

Kevin and I have decided that we really enjoy a condo feel rather than a hotel because we don't like to eat every meal out. Don't get me wrong... this vacation was one giant eating fest, but it is nice to have the option... and I do enjoy my coffee on the balcony in the morning (especially when Kevin makes it). We opted for a Villa on the beach, which turned out to be just perfect and the best of both worlds.

Kevin grabbed his towel ... and we headed to the beach for a swim, a beverage, a bit of exploring and our first sunset of the trip.

Would you believe that was me in the lounge chair... ? I didn't think so.
Do you see the caution tape to Kevin's left?

This big guy was on the other side. I guess he has priority on the beach and he was stretched out for a little snooze.

A few pics of the Villa before we gave it that lived in look.

Nice big TV and Bose stereo system. Can you believe
we never turned the TV on?

Shot from the balcony in.


View from the balcony to the pool

That lived in look...

Our first sunset of the trip from our beach looking onto the hotel.
Kevin's Heaven
Room pictures courtesy of the Little Mule
Outdoor pictures courtesy of the Big Dog
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