Saturday, September 12, 2009

Jacksonville Invasion

Oregon .... part II

After a wonderful night sleep... (no one snores in Oregon) ... we were greeted with freshly brewed coffee. We took our coffee to the front porch and were joined by tiny little frogs and hungry hummers...

We made a trip to the garden and by then breakfast was ready.

Tracy had set two lovely tables outside for our breakfast.

The menu consisted of:
Tiny egg souffles
Potato casserole
Assorted fruits
Orange juice and coffee

Doesn't everything look delicious?

This girl can bring home the bacon and treat her guests like royalty. The ultimate multi - tasker.

Off to Jacksonville.
(click on Jacksonville for more info on this quaint town)

Can you see the grapes growing on this vine?
After a day of sightseeing and shopping... oh yes we did do some
shopping we headed for dinner at the historic Bella Union
and enjoyed dinner under the stars. Yes I was there, that is the
downside of being the historian... you are always on the wrong end of the camera.

We ate too much...

and didn't laugh enough .... because you can never laugh too much.

Until Part III.... Harry and David's, Ashland and beyond.

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