Sunday, September 27, 2009

Paradise Lost

Hawaii .... North Shore .... Turtle Bay

Kevin and I returned from Paradise this morning. After a red eye flight we arrived at LAX at 5:45 AM. Sean was elected to pick us up since everyone else is out of town.

Thanks Sean.

I'm a bit wired so before I go in for a nap I thought I would post a little preview of the trip.

Kevin and I got a new Olympus Stylus Tough 6000 camera to take on this trip.

This is a durable, shock resistant, underwater camera with a multitude of settings. I actually used several of the settings and was amazed at what this little guy can do (I have not even tapped into the settings for the Nikon yet...but with this new challenge going I will need the upper hand... study time). We have a lot to learn about it but here are a couple underwater shots.

Me .... tee hee


The Olympus has earned the name of the "Little Mule" and my Nikon has been named the "Big Dog".

Seems like we have a bit of competition going on in this household. Kevin has claimed the "Little Mule" for himself.

You can decide which camera is the winner. In the future posts I will disclose which camera took the photo.

Until then... Aloha

Looking on to Turtle Bay from our balconywith a welcome to Hawaii lunch.

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