Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I'm Back

I am back from the most wonderful trip to Oregon.
Over this Labor Day weekend, my girlfriends and I went to Central Point, Oregon to visit a friend of ours who moved there several years ago. I have taken about 600 pictures of our trip...don't worry I won't post all 600, but it will be hard to choose because we did so many fun things.
When I list all of the things we did you will think we were there for a week. Tracy had everything well planned out and treated us like Queens.
Before I left I had a visit from 2 little stair climbers.
Madison is infatuated by the stairs and can climb "up" in a flash. Down, however is a different story. Here is Riley teaching Madison how to climb down....the wrong way.

Head first is never a good thing.

Against Riley's better judgement she went down head first too.

A little help from mama.

Two cuties...

Pictures of Oregon coming soon... I can't wait to post and relive the fun we had.

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