Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It ain't over till the "Fat" lady sings

I'm a singing because it's over and we packed up to head home.

Monday morning it was time to head home. We enjoyed a leisurely morning at Tracy's... did a tad more shopping and headed for the airport. We had a noon flight out and prolonged our goodbyes for as long as we could. After a few tears and hugs we were heading for the gate.

It had been a perfect weekend and nothing had gone wrong ..... until ... we were sitting on the plane waiting to take off. The captain came out in his infinite wisdom and said he wasn't happy with the propeller so would we please exit the plane.

They would call a repairman and get us back on the plane as soon as possible. We didn't mind...who in their right mind wants to get on a plane with a broken propeller?

We were stargazing anyway.. we had two celebrities and their families on our plane. Recognize either of them?

Jim Belushi

Amy Brenneman

Well off the plane we went... a couple hours later we were back in our seats, fastening our seat belts.

That lasted all of 5 minutes and we were ushered off the plane again.

Now... if you were taken off a broken plane not once but twice would you want to go on a third time...our celebrities didn't think so.

They chartered a jet and went back to L.A. together as we waited to hear what are fates would be. As it turned out they brought in a new plane from Portland to fly us home.

Here's a shot of our dearly departed plane.

So a couple hours later, into the new plane and home.... check this out

I shot these as we were landing.





So about 6 hours later than scheduled we were pulling into our home sweet homes with memories of a great trip.

Thanks for coming along with me and helping me relive a great weekend... Thanks Trace.

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