Monday, September 14, 2009

There "are" Cougars on the Oregon Trail

Cougar Country?

On our last day in Oregon, Tracy made arrangements for us to go wine tasting (like we needed more wine tasting) and on a River Trip. Being the responsible ladies that we are, she also asked her cousin, Brice, if he would drive us (now she did also ask him if he would do this with no shirt and a bow tie... we will have to see if that happened) Tracy runs a freight brokering business and I guess over the last few weeks she has been telling any truck driver that would listen that the Cougars were coming from California, so before we got there we had already developed quite the reputation... and small towns are small towns.

We had a reservation at the Jacksonville Inn for brunch and believe me after our full Saturday we were moving a little slower by Sunday. We were greeted at breakfast by Brice..and no he did not have his shirt off with a bowtie. Our waiter however thought it would be funny if he loaned Brice his bowtie for our picture. Brice was such a good sport.

From Brunch we couldn't resist peeking into the shops just one more time... quickly of course (I bought these flip flops)

and then off for wine tasting to the Rogue Valley and Applegate Valley. This area is so beautiful, if you are ever in this area it is a must see and the day couldn't have been more perfect.

One of the hot wines we tasted was the
Viognier, which I had not tasted before

The weather was clear, cool and beautiful

The winemaker joined us for this picture.
The landscape was amazing.
We were entertained by colorful parasailors dotting the sky.

Next Troon Vineyard.. this was the most picturesque vineyard.
Here we did a wine and food pairing which was so fun. The food,
though teeney tiny portions was exquisite.

Here are the grapes ready for picking

Next stop Hellgate Jet Boat Trip
This was a jet boat trip on the Rogue River
Here's the setup
One wild river with an even wilder jet boat captain

Unsuspecting victims (very dry)

A gorgeous canyon teaming with wildlife

and then it happens.... be prepared to get wet.... very wet

but fun all the same

Good sports

No one was safe

But then they fed and watered us

Yes, we ate again... the menu
Barbecued chicken and ribs
Biscuits and cornbread
Dessert ..Berry cobbler with those famous Marion berries
all you wanted of everything

Happy Campers

and then back to civilization

safely thanks to Randy our guide (little known fact... Randy is an

underwear model in the off season..what do you think?)

This was the only day we got back to Tracy's by 9:00.
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