Thursday, September 10, 2009

Are there Cougars on the Oregon Trail?

Oregon ... opening night ... part I

Are there Cougars on the Oregon Trail?

Well, maybe but not on our plane.
Thursday evening, 5 lovely ladies and myself headed off to visit the lovely state of Oregon. Our friend Tracy....the hostess with the mostest .... invited us to spend the Labor Day weekend with her at her wonderful home.

But I get ahead of myself....where was I? Oh yes, heading out on
Thursday to LAX.

We arrived at the airport and and everything went smoothly...
parking...shuttle...airplane on time (it was an extremely small prop plane and we had many jokes going as to whether it would get us off the ground) ... nice flight... and
landing in Medford.

In Medford, Shelley (who always has her picture taken with the captain)
stopped for a pose with not one but 2 pilots.

We were greeted by Tracy and her luggage friendly rental van.
(Good thing we were only packing for the weekend)

and home to a delicious feast.

and a cute little lady named Jenny
( who had us all eating out of her paw )

We got in late so Tracy had pizza, wings and cucumber salad waiting for us.

Oh and did I mention wine?

Catching up on old times.
Tracy played bunco with us when she lived in So Cal.

So we feasted and talked and laughed....

and drank wine...

we retired for the evening. Tracy had a fun
filled day planned for us on Friday.

Part II ... the Invasion of Jacksonville.

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