Sunday, September 13, 2009

To Ashland and Beyond

Next morning after convincing Tracy that we did not need her to make us yet another meal, we feasted on leftovers. I know bummer for us ;)
After breakfast we headed out to Harry and David's for their wine and food festival. With the help of a bracelet, purchased to taste wine and food and help a local cause we were let loose on the winemakers of Southern Oregon. We tasted wine and food from Harry and Davids for quite sometime. One of the highlights was a food pairing from local restaurants which was wonderful. Oregonians (???) sure know how to eat.

They had live music to add to the festivities

This was our first tasting.

From Harry and David's we were off to Ashland. Like Jacksonville, Ashland is a quaint and picturesque little town.

We took a stroll through Lithia Park which was just beautiful.

Being my obnoxious self I made the ladies pose. Considering how many of these "posed" pictures I had to go through I don't think it was a hardship on their part. They had a ball posing.

The day and the view from town.

This is Ashland Creek

Oh how did I get in there?

More posing

We were greeted by 3 young deer... and they
must have liked us, because they continued to eat, unaffected by our presence, to Katina's delight
We had dinner creekside at the Thai Pepper...
and no that was not the end of our day. From dinner we went to see a play, The Music Man. We were tired puppies by the time we got home, but the play was terrific.

This is part of the Shakespeare Festival (I know the Music Man isn't Shakespeare) Check out more info on Ashland and the Shakespeare Festival

Our celebrity sighting at the play was Jim Belushi and his family.

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